Happy New Year 2009!

Google's New Years Artwork

Google's New Years Artwork

Goals for 2009


Happy New Year!


The happiest moment for me in 2009 happened just after midnight when I was able to share a new year’s kiss with my boyfriend.  The evening was perfect in every way: home cooked and healthy meal, enjoying a movie with great company, and new years kiss under the fireworks.  This is the first New Year’s Eve I was able to spend with someone I could see myself spending the rest of my life with, and that is a great way to begin 2009.


The only post that seems essential for this Nerdy Chic is a post about my goals for 2009.


  1. Continue my consulting career by earning a position at a top management consulting firm.
  2. Get a competitive GMAT score to place into any of the top 15 business schools.
  3. Continue my foray into sustainable food purchases and healthy meal preparation.
  4. Continue my regular exercise routine.
  5. Add another irregular exercise competition into my routine (MARATHON!).
  6. Continue to pursue nature locally.
  7. Land a competitive salary in order to afford to live in my own apartment on my own.
  8. Begin to fund a down payment for future real estate purchases in the next ten years.
  9. Max out my retirement savings in my ROTH IRA and my future 401k plan.
  10. Putting my own goals and self-esteem first (I’m no longer a victim, and it serves no right to anyone to blame others for my perceived lack of achievement—I’m going to use most of this year to learn what I want from life, to get what I want from life, and to give my unique self and qualities back to life to help many).


The direction of this blog still seems somewhat scattered, but some goals for my blog:


  1. Regular, consistent posts.
  2. Largely focused on my book reviews.
  3. Seek and take feedback from any and all comments from my blog readers


Lastly, I look forward to writing about each goal in detail for you throughout the year, sprinkle in my book reviews, add a dash of “surprise posts”, mix in some wit, and round out 2009 with a complete body of blog posts which will help many people.


So what are your Goals for 2009?


All the best,



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