Success = Be interesting

2009_01_21“The thing that is safe [makes it the antithesis] of interesting.” – Cal Newport


Have you read/seen any of Ben Casnocha’s or Cal Newport’s work?  One word: AMAZING!


Everyone should familiarize themselves with Casnocha’s TDTV and Newport’s blog StudyHacks (see links above).


The most important take away from their amazing material is this: compare yourself only to yourself and using your time to reflect your values.  These guys are competitive, but mostly with themselves.  They also know how to reward themselves and continue to achieve.  Each MASTERS his time to MAXIMIZE his life.  I admire these guys.  I hope to implement so more of their habits into my own life structure.


Too often I read single, just got out of debt, urban, female bloggers and older, white, married, male bloggers and both types of blogs leave me desperate for more inspirational material.  Thankfully, finding these two new bloggers, Casnocha & Newport, I will focus my blogging efforts on more positive, uplifting, and helpful advice in areas in which I’m interesting in excelling or in which I already excel.


Most importantly, success is being interesting, and being interesting generally requires taking the “less safe” path.  The “less safe” path is taken by people who have the self-discipline to focus on what matters most and eliminate those things that don’t matter at all.  But both of these bloggers maintain that anything that requires self-discipline is “transferable” and ultimately will lead to your success portfolio.  This means that on which you spend your time can and will lead you to success in: school, work, and life.


Especially in Newport’s case, these inspirational bloggers say that productivity should leave you more refreshed to contribute to your real relationships which exist beyond your challenges (college, work, starting a business).


2 Responses to Success = Be interesting

  1. Ben Casnocha says:

    Thanks a lot for the kind words! I also live in SF. 🙂

  2. nerdychic says:

    You’re welcome…I appreciate the comment.

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