I’m a republican and I like Obama

Technically I’m registered non-party, but for most of my life the Republican Party has played an active role in my political decision making process.


Being a republican in San Francisco certainly comes with its challenges.  On many occasions during Bush II administration, many republicans went into diplomatic hiding rather than discussing politics with San Franciscans.  Yes, read that once again, San Franciscans are considered by default extremely liberal and almost entirely statically belonging to the Democrat Party.  The reason for Republicans in San Francisco to refrain from political discourse with folks from the other side of the aisle is natural; it is too difficult to discern whether a San Franciscan is actually a Democrat or just a Bush-basher.  Oftentimes, it seems as if Democrats stand for nothing except hating George W. Bush.


Democrats like to argue using feelings and quotations from non-factual based, biased non-academic works such as Michael Moore films.


I like that the majority of Americans support Obama.  I like that the nation feels united under an Obama administration.  But I like that my form of Republicanism is factually based.  But factually speaking, Obama is but ONE man.  In his inaugural address, Obama tasked the nation to step up and do the right thing.  Pardon my feelings for a moment, but I really feel that this is the exact thing Americans need to hear.  It’s far too easy to mask your misdeeds and wrong-doings under an administration like GW’s which was simply adept at doing the wrong things.


America, let’s wake up, let’s do the right thing.  Doing the right thing means taking action.


One right thing on the table is “Universal Health Care.”  But what does that even mean?  How many Americans even know about their policies or what choices they have for health insurance?  How many Americans have educated themselves about their own critical insurance policies?  Initially, post New Deal, corporations were tasked with securing employee retirement and group insurance.


But in our technology and information age in which careers span many more years than previously and as many companies for each decade of work, should it not be the responsibility of the individual to educate himself about retirement plans and individual health insurance?  Why don’t we privately insure all Americans first and then see how government can fix any remaining health care problems?


I have an individual health plan which I personally research and chose for myself and it’s a far less expensive option than COBRA and a less expensive option than any full time employment can secure me.  I have a plan that rewards my youth and healthy lifestyle, and I like that.  I specifically choose plans which include my GP in-network because my GP and his medical facility is the best option for my health.


Secondarily, I contribute to my own Roth IRA for retirement, and had I remained self-employed, I have at least two additional retirement vehicles totally up to $17,500 in contributions each year.


I live in the second most expensive city in America and I make less than the average income for this city.  And I’m proud, I’m proud that I took control of my finances and insurance.  I’m proud that my full time employment to begin in February will offer me additional 401K, stock options, and health insurance should I choose to accept those offers.  I would really feel cheated if my health care quality drops or my income tax increases to subsidize many other people’s health care and retirement costs.  Retirement and insurance are neither new concepts nor too difficult to understand for any and all Americans.  It requires maybe a week of sacrificing TV to figure everything out and start contributing, and can cost less than $100/month for full coverage and retirement contributions.


Writing this, I’m angry even thinking that I am working hard to insure myself, protect my health, protect my assets, and volunteer in my community, yet I will be punished, I will have to forgo my own security so that others don’t have to and soon won’t be able to research their own life plans.  But I am hopeful.  I’m hopeful that if Obama tells the nation to educate itself and take action, then the nation will respond.  And if the nation doesn’t respond, how will Obama hold the nation accountable?  Obama, just like all Presidents, is accountable to the nation, and not the other way around.  Lastly, I’m hopeful that Obama will inspire the nation to remember that we have options, even if you live paycheck to paycheck, you have options to create the life you want.  Hopefully, that life is driven to secure your own future without jeopardizing others’ futures.


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