Looking for a roommate?

2009_01_26Trashcan JENGA and other tales of roommate living


I love my roommate…BUT [insert conditional phrase here]…


I love my roommate, but I am eager for my own space.  I’ve been cost cutting from my budget and negotiating pretty hard for my new job salary just so I can find a one bedroom apartment all to myself.


Having a roommate has its blessings: companionship, extended friend network, cheaper rent, cheaper utilities, available groceries, and someone to share in the mind numbing labor that is keeping a home furnished and tidy.  But sometimes, no matter how well you get along, having a roommate can present some very funny aspects of the human psyche!


Some funny times in roommate living:


    1. If you’ve ever balanced ANOTHER banana peel on the trash heap instead of taking the trash out, you’ve played trashcan Jenga.  Loser: the person who’s piece of trash causes the entire pile to collapse on the floor.  Get it?
  2. Dirty Dishes
    1. This will always, always be a point of contention.  People either do the dishes too often or not often enough.  And god bless dishwashers, but I don’t know about you, but I HATE pre-rinsing my dishes before placing them in the dishwasher…seems redundant!  My roommate will always give me the “disapproving mom” look whenever something comes out of the dishwasher still dirty…and I hate that look!  I do in fact, rinse my dishes, but come on, it’s not going to change about me!
  3. A culture of asking
    1. Some roommates use now, ask later, and others ask now and use later.  I prefer just using my goods and replacing, upgrading, etc.
  4. Thin walls = not so private intimacy
    1. Fortunately, my roommate and I lead very traditional lifestyles, so this is not an issue.  However, I am particularly annoyed to hear my underage neighbor upstairs and his GF.  Totally possibly, I’m just jealous.
  5. TV Rules
    1. I don’t watch TV and I loathe having to pay cable bill.  I acquiesce to a DVR + Sports package because at least with a DVR, I have some control over TV.  I also remind myself that there are specific privileges to living with a roommate such as better pricing be square foot of space and shared utilities.  For the economic savings, I’m willing to make a concession for a cable package.


I’ve been lucky as I haven’t had to deal with too many roommate stories.


What sorts of roommate stories do you have?


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