Book Review: 10 days to faster reading…

10 Days to Faster Reading

By: Abby Marks-Beale, The Princeton Language Institute


Table of Contents


Day 1

            Putting the Key in the Ignition

Day 2

            Rebuilding Your Speed Reading Engine

Day 3

            Revving Up Your Concentration

Day 4

            Getting Up to Speed

Day 5

            Reading the Road Map

Day 6

            Hanging Out the Caution Flag

Day 7

            Reducing the Pileup

Day 8

            Fine-Tuning Your Reading Speed

Day 9

            Reading on a Technical Track

Day 10

            The Final Lap


My Review


Take a few hours and skim through this book.  The book teaches you how to learn new skimming methods.  Through the active tests, the reader is able to track reading progress, and the bonus is that the book includes a method to track comprehension as well as speed.


The biggest take away from the lessons in this book: Why are you reading what you are reading and how will reading what you are reading help you after you finish it?


There are numerous ways to invest/spend on faster reading methods.  I found this title from the Personal MBA list of Business School books.  I was fortunate to find a copy in the library; note: you will want to use additional paper/writing utensil to track your progress outside of a library book so that others may enjoy it without additional writings.


I truly notice a difference in my reading speed, I read faster, and my increased comprehension level, I’m internalizing more of what I read even though I’m reading faster than I’ve previously read.  I also TRUST my ability to comprehend reading materials fast, which is a big change from before having read this book.


Why is this important?  Because I love reading, and this book proves that there are only so many pieces of material that we can reasonably read in a lifetime.  So if you must read, read on purpose, for comprehension and growth.  Be sure to be selective for the quality of your reading material will have a direct impact on the quality of your ideas and skills.


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