Book Review: Go Put Your Strengths To Work

Go Put Your Strengths to Work

By: Marcus Buckingham


Table of Contents



-The First Stage: How to Label

-The Second Stage: How to Take Action

-You Are Here

-And You’re Closer Than You Think

-The 6-Step Discipline

-Trombone Player Wanter



“So, What’s Stopping You?”

-Meet Heidi

-Myth 1: As Your Grow, Your Personality Changes

-Myth 2: You Will Grow the Most in Your Areas of Greatest Weakness

-Myth 3: A Good Team Member Does Whatever It Takes to Help the Team



“Do You Know What Your Strengths Are?”

-The Four Signs of a Stength

-Who Is the Best Judge of Your Strengths?

-Capture, Clarify, and Confirm Your Strengths

-Will Your Strengths Stay the Same Year after Year?

-Heidi Gets Clear



“How Can You Make the Most of What Strengthens You?”

-How Heidi Got Weak

-How Heidi Got Strong

-Your Strong Week Plan

-Four Strategies to Put Your Strengths to Work

-Your FREE Interview



“How Can You Cut Out What Weakens You?”

-What Are Your Most Dominant Weakness?

-Capture, Clarify, and Confirm Your Weaknesses

-Quit “Should-ing”

-Four Strategies to Stop Your Weaknesses

-Heidi Stops Calling

-Your STOP Interview


Step 5: SPEAK UP

“How Can You Create Strong Teams?”

-“Your Strengths Weaken Me”

-Conversation 1: The Strengths Chat

-Conversation 2: “How I Can Help You”

-Conversation 3: The Weakness Chat

-Conversation 4: “How You Can Help Me”

-Tips for Strengths-Based Managers

-Team Georgia


Step 6: Build Strong Habits

“How Can You Make This Last Forever?”

-The End of the Beginning

-The Strongest Habits

-“And What Happens If…”

            1. “…I don’t know if I should take this job.”

            2. “…I don’t think I should have taken this job.”

            3. “…I’m new to the job.”

            4. “…I’m overworked.”

            5. “…my manager doesn’t understand me.”

            6. “…my manager is an idiot.”

            7. “…I’m burned out.”

            8. “…in the grand scheme of things, my job’s just not that important.”

            9. “…deep down, I don’t think I’m as good as everyone says I am.”






My Review:


I listened to this book for free as an e-book through  I didn’t enjoy it, and listening to it felt like a chore.  Oprah was sure to promote Buckingham’s book “Go!” last year on one of her shows.


I might have better enjoyed this book were I traditionally employed or were I to read it instead of listening to it.  It was also a 21st Century e-book in that any free editions lacked crucial materials and logins for additional quizzes, tracking, and online videos.


Career progression requires active involvement.  By the very fact that someone purchases this book and uses any of the details to improve their career, is in it of itself enough to improve a career in my opinion.  There are myriad of ways to improve and develop your career, and this book should be one tool in your career improvement toolbox.


I have a copy of an abridged sixty minute recording of Stephen Covey’s the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  I thought I was missing out because I only had the abridged version, but after the lengthy 6 hour (plus) commitment to “GO!”, I highly recommend abridged recordings.


I might have better enjoyed this e-book along with any other e-book “on loan” from the library if I could actually download it onto my ipod and listen while I work out and drive.  Clearly, this book can be helpful as it includes specific ways to improve your career, debunk career myths, and help you feel empowered about your career decisions.  However, this book doesn’t shine as an “be all, end all authority” on career improvement.


Nevertheless, I am still eager to read more of Buckingham’s other books like “First: Break all the Rules.”  I will commit to read his books and all books rather than listening to the free e-book library loans.


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