Online Entertainment Outposts!

I must admit, in my “cost cutting” days lately, I have found wonderful resources for entertainment on the cheap.  It does take a bit more time and in some cases quality is sacrificed, but overall digital entertainment has really made its mark!  So be sure to hook up that VGA or DVI cable to your laptops/desktops, pop up some popcorn, and enjoy the show!


Here are a few sites I like to use:


            Books, movies, audio, free internet, and community events listings.


Or any library for that matter!  I can order online, be emailed when my book is ready for pick up, renew online, etc.  Today’s urban library systems are 21st Century ready!  It’s much cheaper than paying for coffee to use wifi as well!


            Free wifi


Speaking of paying for coffee for “free” wifi, I can use my ATT DSL login information at all wifi ready Starbucks cafes for free access!  I believe this is the case for other wifi outlets, like McDonald’s as well.


            TV, movies, commercials, etc.


Where have I been?  I have only discovered in the past 6 months.  Check it out for TV shows, movies, and commercials.  I especially like Arrested Development and the Super Bowl commercials.


            Movies, DVD sets, DVD rentals.


Netflix is a cheap way to rent DVDs for in-home use.  There is a delay between selecting your film and receiving it, but the plans also feature online movie content to stream directly to your PC.  I love the idea of Netflix and their online content, but be realistic about your movie consumption habits—you can always cancel for a few months to save some cash.  I really hope Netflix increases their online content more robustly as well.


For San Francisco Bay Area:


            Free book readings & lectures!


            Over 700 speakers and lecturers per year, that’s almost a two per day average!


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